Gut Punch Blues

J5Aggressive, Ambient, Dark, Edgy, Moody, Technology

  2:11 – Like a sock to the bread basket. This track kicks into 5th gear with massive drums after a gnarly guitar intro. The track takes a downward turn with an ambient percussion section followed by a punch in the face from more guitars.   Gut Punch Blues [download id=”164″]

Lower Than Low

J5Aggressive, Dark, Drama, Edgy, Electronic, Moody

  1:43 – Epic nastiness served on a silver platter. Squashed and mangled drums. :18 repeating mechanical digital synth pattern. :35 funky, trashed vocoded lead line. :50 Disintegrates to nothing but a plucked string and ticking percussion. Huge pulsing synth climaxes this tune.   Lower Than Low [download id=”162″]

Touch of the Heavies

J5Aggressive, Dark, Edgy

  1:06 – This track is heaviest of the heavy. Huge guitars and big drums. Ambient guitars give the track a little motion and a somewhat surreal vibe. :46 the BIG section starts. In your face and hardcore this track will get your blood pumping.   Touch of the Heavies [download id=”134″]   Download the Stems [download id=”135″]