One Redlight

J5Ambient, Dark, Drama, Edgy, Electronic, Moody, Mysterious, Quirky, Technology

  1:27 – Retro electronic track reminiscent of certain 80’s scores. Very minimal pads and ambient pianos. Towards the end big drums enter and give this track some upward motion. Think of a scorpion on a jacket.   One Redlight [download id=”118″]

Dark Streets

J5Ambient, Dark, Drama, Moody, Mysterious

  Simplistic up tempo piano melody. Strings enter at 20 sec. Perfect for true crime or a mysterious scene.   Dark Streets [download id=”81″]

Standing Tall

J5Ambient, Dark, Drama, Gentle, Moody, Mysterious

  Low pizz string pattern. Soft haunting piano melody enters. Strings enter midway through. 1 min in the rhythm picks up and give the piece some motion. 1:20 big tom hits.   Standing Tall [download id=”86″]