Tough Glitch

J5Aggressive, Edgy, Electronic, Technology, Upbeat

  1:31 – Mangled and strangled track with the biggest drums I could find. When you’re looking for an epic electronic track for a trailer, this is your tune. Distorted bass and glitched out synths.   Tough Glitch [download id=”136″]

Touch of the Heavies

J5Aggressive, Dark, Edgy

  1:06 – This track is heaviest of the heavy. Huge guitars and big drums. Ambient guitars give the track a little motion and a somewhat surreal vibe. :46 the BIG section starts. In your face and hardcore this track will get your blood pumping.   Touch of the Heavies [download id=”134″]   Download the Stems [download id=”135″]

Bass Face

J5Aggressive, Edgy, Electronic, Groovy, Organic, Quirky, Technology, Upbeat

  1:03 – This musical experiment started when I wanted to put acoustic bass with electronic drums. It’s full of low end and funky/nasty synths. Enjoy.   Bass Face [download id=”132″]   Download the Stems [download id=”133″]

Betrayed and Alone

J5Aggressive, Dark, Drama, Edgy, Moody, Mysterious

  1:17 – Ambient hit and light percussion build to a massive guitar riff. Full of big drums and nasty guitars.   Betrayed and Alone [download id=”130″]   Download the Stems [download id=”131″]

T H Ecstasy

J5Aggressive, Classical, Dark, Drama, Edgy, Moody, Mysterious, Organic

  1:03 – Huge orchestral stabs and pumping percussion and big drums. Breakdown with light pad with a swell into the outro. Epic horns and fast strings.   T H Ecstasy [download id=”128″]   Download the Stems [download id=”129″]

The Punishment Fits the Crime

J5Aggressive, Dark, Edgy, Electronic, Technology

  1:02 – Nasty, hardcore track. Subtle synth bass line starts the track. Huge swell into main section with big guitars. Breakdown to bass and drums then full band enters at the end for one sassy track.   Punishment Fits the Crime [download id=”126″]   Download the Stems [download id=”127″]