Explain Away

J5Aggressive, Edgy, Groovy, Organic, Quirky, Upbeat

  1:03 – Funky little acoustic track with some attitude. Groovin drum loop floats underneath the acoustic guitar motif. Light guitar fills midway through for a little something different.   Explain Away [download id=”110″]

Pep in the Step

J5Aggressive, Edgy, Groovy, Organic, Upbeat

  1:18 – Funky drum fill starts this track. Gritty acoustic guitar groove. Some sassy slide work to round this piece out.   Pep in the Step [download id=”109″]

And Now for This

J5Aggressive, Edgy, Groovy, Moody, Organic, Quirky, Upbeat

  1:32 – Groovy acoustic guitar riff with some light percussion. Midway through bluesy guitar fills enter. Great when you need something organic and funky but not to busy.   And Now for This [download id=”105″]