The Hunt for Answers

J5Ambient, Dark, Drama, Edgy, Moody, Mysterious, Organic

  2:15 – Big cymbal swell into ambient percussion. Light delayed synth pattern. :53 big swell into mysterious piano motif. Light build with strings until the end. Very dramatic and dark. Trying to catch a serial killer.   Low Light [download id=”122″]

Low Light

J5Ambient, Dark, Drama, Edgy, Electronic, Laid Back, Moody, Mysterious, Technology

  1:11 – Ambient drums and looped synth bass start this track. A big swell brings piano and a pulsing synth pad. A mysterious piano breakdown finishes this track. Perfect for a tense scene of going through evidence to find the killer. Would work nice for a montage as well   Low Light [download id=”120″]

One Redlight

J5Ambient, Dark, Drama, Edgy, Electronic, Moody, Mysterious, Quirky, Technology

  1:27 – Retro electronic track reminiscent of certain 80’s scores. Very minimal pads and ambient pianos. Towards the end big drums enter and give this track some upward motion. Think of a scorpion on a jacket.   One Redlight [download id=”118″]

And Now for This

J5Aggressive, Edgy, Groovy, Moody, Organic, Quirky, Upbeat

  1:32 – Groovy acoustic guitar riff with some light percussion. Midway through bluesy guitar fills enter. Great when you need something organic and funky but not to busy.   And Now for This [download id=”105″]

Only in My Memories

J5Corporate, Drama, Gentle, Laid Back, Lifestyle, Moody, Organic

  4:06 – Light piano motif with subtle guitar fills halfway through the intro. Very heartfelt and emotional. The piece slowly builds until a full band enters for a big emotional payoff. Would work great behind a romance lost or a tear jerker of a scene.   Only in My Memories [download id=”3177″]