Dark Streets

J5Ambient, Dark, Drama, Moody, Mysterious

  Simplistic up tempo piano melody. Strings enter at 20 sec. Perfect for true crime or a mysterious scene.   Dark Streets [download id=”81″]

Standing Tall

J5Ambient, Dark, Drama, Gentle, Moody, Mysterious

  Low pizz string pattern. Soft haunting piano melody enters. Strings enter midway through. 1 min in the rhythm picks up and give the piece some motion. 1:20 big tom hits.   Standing Tall [download id=”86″]

Dark Madness

J5Ambient, Dark, Drama, Edgy, Moody, Mysterious

  Pulsing rhythm starts this suspense filled track. 25 sec in light percussion kicks in never getting huge. Cinematic strings enter at the end.   Dark Madness [download id=”82″]