Bass Face

J5Aggressive, Edgy, Electronic, Groovy, Organic, Quirky, Technology, Upbeat

  1:03 – This musical experiment started when I wanted to put acoustic bass with electronic drums. It’s full of low end and funky/nasty synths. Enjoy.   Bass Face [download id=”132″]   Download the Stems [download id=”133″]

T H Ecstasy

J5Aggressive, Classical, Dark, Drama, Edgy, Moody, Mysterious, Organic

  1:03 – Huge orchestral stabs and pumping percussion and big drums. Breakdown with light pad with a swell into the outro. Epic horns and fast strings.   T H Ecstasy [download id=”128″]   Download the Stems [download id=”129″]

The Hunt for Answers

J5Ambient, Dark, Drama, Edgy, Moody, Mysterious, Organic

  2:15 – Big cymbal swell into ambient percussion. Light delayed synth pattern. :53 big swell into mysterious piano motif. Light build with strings until the end. Very dramatic and dark. Trying to catch a serial killer.   Low Light [download id=”122″]


J5Aggressive, Dark, Drama, Edgy, Electronic, Organic

  3:09 – This epic track starts off with an electronic synth motif. A huge snare hit brings the band in. Huge guitars and drums. Distant anthemic slide guitar. 1:52 full on rock heaven. Strap in and bring the emotion. Then back down to chuny guitars and big soaring guitar bends   Low Light [download id=”121″]