A True Friend

J5Corporate, Gentle, Laid Back, Lifestyle, Organic, Positive, Upbeat

  1:57 – An middle of the road, upbeat piano and acoustic guitar tune. Have a walk in the park with some friends. Has a nice energy without to much going on to get in the way of the story of voice over.   A True Friend [download id=”144″]

All is Right

J5Corporate, Lifestyle, Organic, Positive, Quirky, Upbeat

  2:30 – Bouncy piano track full of happy go lucky moments. Plucky mallet melody. Drums and bass enter after intro. Nice uplifting bridge section. Plenty of variation for an edit.   All is Right [download id=”143″]

Tough Glitch

J5Aggressive, Edgy, Electronic, Technology, Upbeat

  1:31 – Mangled and strangled track with the biggest drums I could find. When you’re looking for an epic electronic track for a trailer, this is your tune. Distorted bass and glitched out synths.   Tough Glitch [download id=”136″]

Bass Face

J5Aggressive, Edgy, Electronic, Groovy, Organic, Quirky, Technology, Upbeat

  1:03 – This musical experiment started when I wanted to put acoustic bass with electronic drums. It’s full of low end and funky/nasty synths. Enjoy.   Bass Face [download id=”132″]   Download the Stems [download id=”133″]