1. What can I use your music for?

Our clients use our music in various productions ranging from TV shows, films, wedding videos, website backgrounds, training vides, slide shows, etc.

2. Can I resell your music?

You cannot resell our music in any way that is in competition to us. You can not sub-license the music. You can not claim ownership of my music using the YouTube content id system or release it with a digital distributor that does.You can not re-license or distribute the music as royalty-free music An example would be reselling our songs to someone who needs music for a film. However, if you are a filmmaker or other end user, you are licensed to use our music in your production since you are a member of the Tune Peddler.

3.Are there any restrictions for what I can use your music for.

Basically no…. Thats the whole point of this library. Use this in everything from wedding videos to international TV shows. As long as it’s a part of a work(score to a film, music behind a presentation) and not being use by itself you’re good. Also, if the music you use will be broadcast on TV, you will need to contact me and let me know the relevant details so that I can submit a cue sheet for the production so our music can be tracked by a performing rights organization. This doesn’t cost you anything more.

4. Do I need to credit you?

Yes. And please include a credit in the actual video and in any description area on sites like youtube.

Here’s how to credit me

If all the music is from The Tune Peddler please make the credit

“Music by Josh Molen (TheTunePeddler.com)”

If you just use a piece or two credit it like this

“(Name of piece) Josh Molen (TheTunePeddler.com)”

5. What does the royalty free license mean?

Every track you download comes with a royalty free license allowing you to put our music with your video or multimedia production. No hassle or paperwork (Release form available upon request).

Read complete License Terms

6.Why are your memberships so inexpensive?

Through the years of working on various projects we’ve seen that one of the biggest problems for independent filmmakers and producers is finding good quality royalty free music at reasonable prices. We have a number of pieces in many high profile production music libraries and the prices for the music are well beyond what most independent filmmakers can afford. So we set out to make a simple site where anyone would have access to music of the same level of quality they hear on major networks.

7.What format are the music files?

Our downloads are full quality Aiff files at the industry standard 24bit stereo 48 kHz. Our MP3s are in high quality 320khz. If you need another format please feel free to contact us and we’ll get it to you ASAP.

8. Where are some other sites that have good royalty free music



Josh Woodward

Matt McFarland

Give Life Back to Music (Public Domain Record Label)

Twin Musicom
Free Creative Commons music. Really good stuff here.

Free Creative Commons sound fx. Absolutely incredible collection of stuff here.

9. Do you know any other helpful sites for a low budget filmmaker/content producer

I’m glad you asked because I most certainly do.

– Great quality FREE HD stock footage and b roll.

ProLost Blog
– Stu Maschwitz (Men in Balck, Grindhouse) has created an incredible filmmaking blog worth checking out

Audacity Audio Editor
– Audacity is a free audio editor and sound recorder. It’s a great tool to have especially since it’s free.