Whispers from the Woods

J5Ambient, Dark, Drama, Edgy, Moody, Organic

  Creepy ambient textures. A light bell melody enters. Voices from beyond support the track to give it all the terror you need. Ending with a single haunting voice.   Whispers from the Woods [download id=”49″]

Twisted Emotions

J5Aggressive, Dark, Drama, Edgy, Moody

  Big pulsing rhythms contradicted by light bell melody and string stabs. Gets huge at the end for maximum drama and suspense.   Twisted Emotions [download id=”47″]

The Stranger

J5Ambient, Dark, Edgy, Moody, Organic

  Big drums start this atmospheric track. Sinister distorted textures keep this track tense.   The Stranger [download id=”44″]

Lurking Fear

J5Ambient, Dark, Drama, Edgy, Moody

  Low ambient piano and light percussion. Atmospheric pads bring some movement. Tight strings enter near the end.   Lurking Fear [download id=”42″]