My name is Josh Molen and I’m the Tune Peddler. Nice to meet you.

I’ve been composing professionally for about 12 years and enjoy every single day of it. After hearing from editors and producers about the problems with production music, my wheels began to turn.

I started thinking about creating a site that was so simple and inexpensive that anyone could utilize it. While the site would be simple, the music needed to be on par with the network shows that I had been working on. That’s where The Tune Peddler came from.

I have worked on a number of productions and tv shows that are being broadcast worldwide and felt I could give filmmakers, videographers, and other content creators a quality of music seldom heard in the royalty free realm. I hope you agree and enjoy using my music in your future production.

Oh and if you don’t like my music, Kevin MacLeod has a great site of royalty free music. So don’t say I never did anything for ya….. Give Kevin a visit here. incompetech.com